Your Arrival At Frogbridge For Your Event

Your Arrival at Frogbridge

A day at Frogbridge is one a person never forgets. It’s an amazing thing to have a wonderland so close to home in beautiful central NJ. But everyone has been in a similar situation: you go to an incredible theme park without a strategy and the group is pulled in different directions. Let’s do this, let’s do that, I’m hungry.

Our event planners work alongside you to arrange an organized day for a company event of any size or a school picnic of any age. Never feel like your “herding cats,” never miss a beat or a moment of fun.

Here’s how we do it!

Work Up An Appetite Before Lunch With Sports Activities

Basketball Court at Frogbridge

Here at Frogbridge some of our guests’ favorite features are the many sports fields and courts that we have on our campus. In the cooler summer morning air, we invite our guests to partake in friendly competition, getting their legs moving, their heart rates up, and the fun going!

Sports activities that you can arrange to have at your Frogbridge event include:

Note: Team Building Activities and friendly challenges can be added to any corporate event package.

Holy Guacamole! It’s Lunch Time At Frogrbridge!

Lunch at Frogbridge

After everyone has worked up an appetite, lunch is catered and prepared by our expert Executive Chef William Towle. With many menus to choose from there is something for everyone’s taste. Have a food restriction? Chef Will can accommodate any dietary need and whip up something special, so everyone eats happy. J

For students and family-friendly corporate events, Frogbridge offers special add-on desserts and novelty treats to put a smile on every child’s face.

Frogbridge Picnic Menu Packages

Red White & Blue – The Signature Company Picnic Package
All Star Picnic Package –Our Most Favorite School Picnic Package!
Great American Picnic Package
Additional Menu Choices For Your Picnic Package

Cool Down In The Hot Summer Afternoon With Our Many Aquatic Activities

Aquatic Activities

Summers in NJ can get HOT. This is why Frogbridge keeps all of our guests cool with our many aquatic activities and chilly refreshments. They are not only a great way to stay cool, but they are the most splashing fun to be had at any event!

Tasty Cool-Down Treats

Ice Cream

For More Information About Hosting Your Event At Frogbridge,
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