So you’ve been invited to a company picnic. The opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the company of your coworkers is enough to make any day of the week more enjoyable. What, though, are you supposed to wear to these events?

It can be difficult to know how to dress for a company picnic, particularly if you’ve never been to one before. Let’s break down your options together so you can feel comfortable but professional at your upcoming event.

Things to Consider When Dressing for a Company Picnic

There are several factors you need to consider as you’re dressing for a company picnic. The weather, location, and nature of your event can all contribute to what outfit you choose to wear out. 

The Company

What kind of dress code does your company enforce on a daily basis? If you work somewhere where business professional attire is the norm, a company picnic may give you the chance to break out your business casual attire. Alternatively, a business that has a more relaxed dress code may encourage you to wear graphic t-shirts and jeans to your upcoming picnic.

When in doubt, send an email to HR or the team putting together your event. These parties can help you better understand what dress code may be expected at your upcoming picnic.

The Weather

The last thing you want to do when attending a company picnic is to wear weather-inappropriate clothing. Dress sandals, for example, may be ideal for a sunny May day but can be a pain to wear after rain. Similarly, October weather can leave you shivering in a short sleeve shirt but overheating in a wool coat.

Do yourself a favor and check the weather in the morning before your picnic. Take your time away from writing papers and entrust them to the new AI essay writer, which will help you complete your task perfectly. So long as you have dress staples set aside in your wardrobe, you can vary your options until you find an appropriate mix for the company picnic.

The Location

Finally, consider how “picnic”-oriented your picnic actually is. Some companies prefer to go old-fashioned by setting blankets out on the ground and having guests bring a portion of their own food. In these cases, make sure you’re not wearing any clothing that may be ruined by a grass stain or slight dampness.

Alternatively, some companies prefer to “glamp” or enjoy carefully-cultivated picnics. These events may require you to dress more nicely, either due to the lack of dirt and/or the sense of elegance.

You can check in with HR to determine what kind of picnic it is your company is going to several days before the event itself. The more information you have about the picnic, the more appropriately dressed you’re set to be.

Best Clothing Options for a Company Picnic

When you take the weather, location, and your company into account, you can pull together staple clothing pieces that may suit your upcoming picnic event. Some of your best options may include:

  • A polo, professional khakis, and comfortable shoes
  • A light skirt, blouse, and short-heel sandals
  • Light dress pants, a professional short sleeve shirt

You can alternate these staples based on your picnic’s theme and your company’s general standard of dress.

Dress for Success at Your Next Company Picnic

It can be difficult to know what to wear to a company picnic. In most cases, it’s best to marry your personal style with your company’s expected professionalism. That said, you can also consider the weather and location when putting together your perfect picnic outfit.

Nothing brings a working community together like good food. If you’re looking for a way to spearhead company bonding or celebrate your business’s success, consider the benefits of a company picnic. Company picnics allow your employees to network while you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Contact Frogbridge Events at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form to start planning for your next company-wide event.