In-person meetings continue to be a staple of the corporate world. But with sustainability concerns on the rise, making your corporate events more sustainable has quickly become a core priority. Fortunately, when planned the right way, the process can be surprisingly straightforward.

The best events make an impact on everyone attending, as well as the company as a whole. But don’t assume that when it comes to the environment, that impact has to be negative. Instead, take the steps you need to make your next corporate event more sustainable. Consult with Frogbridge Events to ensure that your next corporate event is sustainable. 

First Things First: What Is a Sustainable Event?

Put simply, a sustainable event is an occasion that minimizes the carbon footprint you and all attendees generate. It typically focuses on eco-friendly practices that ensure the environmental impact is as small as possible. 

Every choice you make in your event planning process can contribute to that goal. Small choices, like whether or not to include recycling options at the venue, make as much of an impact as big choices, like choosing a venue with renewable energy sources or other green-first priorities. 

5 Tips to Make Your Corporate Events More Sustainable

There are many ways that you can make your corporate event more sustainable, such as: 

1. Book a Sustainable Venue

It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that your venue will likely be the single biggest sustainability variable for your event. It starts with a simple choice: will you hold your event indoors or outdoors? Outdoor events reduce the costs needed to heat, cool, and light any meeting rooms you might otherwise need.

But your venue can make an impact beyond that basic choice, as well. For example, LED lighting requires significantly less energy than its fluorescent alternatives, and recycling options can reduce the waste your event generates for the landfill. Ask any potential venues you’re considering about their sustainability choices early.

2. Minimize Your Paper Use

The average office worker wastes about two dozen sheets of paper per day. Imagine how much more it gets once you consider the agendas, worksheets, overviews, and other paper-based pieces that are such a common part of most corporate events.

Instead, consider going paperless. Project important documents rather than printing them out. Use technology like QR codes and tablets to reduce your printing needs and allow your attendees to leverage their technology for all important information.

3. Eliminate Plastic Where Possible

Similar to paper, plastic is one of the most common reasons your current event setup may not be sustainable. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to eliminate plastic from your corporate event, such as switching from offering one-use, plastic water bottles to refillable water bottles.

If you’re feeling ambitious, try aiming for a completely plastic-free event. It might not ultimately be possible, but even making an effort can go a long way toward creating a more sustainable corporate event.

4. Reduce Your Water Usage

Water is a large component of making your event more sustainable.

The above-mentioned plastic water bottle reduction can help in that regard. Simply serving water on demand can help you avoid gallons upon gallons getting wasted and increase the negative environmental impact of your event.

5. Work With Sustainable Vendors

Finally, don’t underestimate the impact the vendors you work with can make on making your event more sustainable. As you source potential partners for the event, ask pointed questions about their commitment to sustainability, and what eco-friendly options they might have.

Plan More Sustainable Corporate Events With Frogbridge Events

With sustainability an increasing organizational priority across industries, it’s time corporate events began to follow suit. The above tips can go a long way toward helping you minimize your event’s carbon footprint and negative environmental impact, helping your organization play its role in green and sustainable practices.

At Frogbridge Events in New Jersey, sustainability is a core part of what drives our corporate event venue. Reach out to us online or call us at (609) 208-9475 to get started in planning a more sustainable event.