Having a strong company culture is crucial for the success of your business. Every step you take towards creating a positive company culture is a direct investment in your employees and clients. Teams who are recognized and rewarded for their achievements are more likely to perform and produce more effectively. When employees are more confident and passionate in their interactions, clients will take notice and will feel value in their relationship with your company.

Company events are one of the most effective ways you can drive growth, performance, and interpersonal relationships in your organization. Here’s some information to help you hit the ground running on planning the most exceptional team building company event of the year.

Choosing the Best Type of Team Building Event for Your Team

There are countless types of team building events that you can plan for your company. From picnics and sporting events to seminars and conferences, there’s one thing each of these events have in common: establishing connection. When choosing the best type of team building event, keep in mind the goals you have for your company and how certain events can meet those goals better than others.

Company Retreats

Company retreats offer your group the opportunity to gather, unwind, and participate in several activities. Some ideas for fun retreats include:

  • Outdoor picnics: give your company the opportunity to network and share stories through comforting foods
  • Resort style amenities: show your company that you’re thankful for their hard work and dedication
  • Exciting recreational activities: allow members of your company to work together in a competitive and fun way
  • Relaxation and reflection moments: allocate time for your team to de-stress and practice mindfulness
  • Team-building exercises: present members of your team with the ability to interact and come up with creative problem solving strategies together to overcome challenges

The chance for your employees to bond with one another outside of the workplace allows them to identify their own strengths and weaknesses while learning about their coworkers. The office environment, especially around busy times in the year, can be stressful and hectic. Planning something as special as a corporate retreat outdoors shows your organization that you care about the well-being of your workers, improving company morale and trust. If you’re looking to plan an office getaway, even if it’s just for a day, consider planning a retreat for your next company event.

Outdoor Company Appreciation Events

Similar to company retreats, appreciation events show your company that you’re thankful for all that they bring to the table everyday. However, appreciation trips might be targeted more towards rewarding your team, whereas retreats look to both develop and reward teams. Still, appreciation events will encourage your employees to communicate and relate to one another. You can show your appreciation for your company in any of the following events:

  • Holiday parties
  • Celebration of company milestones
  • Lunch or dinner picnics
  • Sporting events
  • Incentive trips

You can choose to share your gratitude for your team through multiple appreciation events, or, for a more cost-efficient way of admiration for your team, set aside a budget to throw one or two company appreciation events a year. This gives your team something to look forward to and is the ultimate way to praise your company.

Executing the Perfect Team Building Outdoor Event

Preparing and executing a big company event is going to take time and patience, but in the end, it will be so worth it! The key is to first conceptualize the specific elements that you want included at your event and then you can pull all of the pieces together to make it one of a kind. Once you have choose a venue, some tips to help plan a company event that your employees will remember forever include:

  • Outline the goals and purpose of your event
  • Set aside a reasonable budget
  • Create a planning checklist and project timeline
  • Decide on themes, decorations, dates, and times
  • Plan to incorporate team building activities throughout the day
  • Promote your event with invitations and flyers
  • Hire caterers and/or speakers

As you can see, executing a successful company event takes preparation, dedication, and hard work. Consider choosing a venue that has event planners and different types of packages that you can include in your company event. This would mean that all you have to do is go through one company, establish a vision of what you have in mind, and let them get to work on making that vision come to life.

Let Frogbridge Picnics & Events Plan Your Successful Outdoor Company Event

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