When it comes to planning your corporate retreat, you don’t want the same old style as years before. Break with the past and try something new by including these fun ideas for a non-traditional corporate retreat. At Frogbridge, planning events is what we do best. We know that adding a few creative touches can turn a humdrum event into an extraordinary experience that everyone will remember! 

Unconventional Central NJ Corporate Retreat Concepts 

Adding a little flair and originality to your corporate retreat will encourage employee attendance and create an inviting atmosphere for employees to get to know each other better. Raise the bar by infusing these alternative suggestions at your next corporate retreat:

Unique Venues for your Corporate Retreat 

The first thing to plan for any corporate retreat is the location. Swap the boring and all-too-popular reception hall or event center in exchange for a unique atmosphere. Consider a lakeside or beach setting that features recreational and leisurely activities. 

A few off-the-wall venue options include: 

  • Recreational resort
  • A historic site
  • Golf course
  • Farm field or barn
  • Bowling alley
  • Aquarium
  • Museum
  • Botanical garden
  • Boat or cruise 

Pick a company picnic venue in Central NJ that fits your company culture so employees feel relaxed and comfortable to unwind. If you have a competitive bunch, choose a venue that offers options for games and team-building activities. If your team is under a lot of pressure, look for a place in the beautiful outdoors that includes serene landscaping and leisure activities.  

Choosing Your Corporate Retreat Theme

What’s more exciting than an event with a theme? Having a theme for your corporate retreat generates buzz around the office in the weeks leading up to it, and employees can dress up to really get in the spirit. 

Consider these out of the box theme ideas:

  • Hollywood
  • Murder Mystery
  • Gangsters
  • Roaring ’20’s  
  • County fair
  • Star Wars Fairy Tales
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • What happens in Vegas…
  • Rodeo

We suggest gathering props to enhance your theme and create a photo booth area! Employees can socialize and snap photos together to remember the day.

Crafting Your Corporate Retreat Menu

Once you choose your theme, the rest of the planning decisions are simple! Build onto your theme with a specialty menu to delight the taste buds. For example, if you have a carnival or county fair theme, include funnel cakes, corn dogs, and perhaps deep-fried Oreos! If you’re having a Hawaiian luau, infuse your menu with pineapple and tropical notes. 

If you’d rather skip the theme, you can still get creative when crafting your menu! Consider serving finger foods that guests love like mini-pulled pork sliders, beef kebabs, and crab cakes. If you want a more nutritious option, try a “wrap buffet” where guests can choose their own meats, veggies, and fixings. 

Employees and guests will happily welcome novelty snacks and desserts to enjoy throughout their corporate retreat experience. Consider gourmet cookies, shaved Italian ice, or an ice cream sundae bar for a sweet summertime snack! 

Plan your food and drink selections with a professional event planner who can bring all of your ideas and wishes into a real-life extravaganza! 

Games & Activities for your corporate retreat

While some in the office may jump at the chance to participate in highly competitive sporting games, others might shudder at the thought. Be sure you consider the varying tastes and preferences when planning activities and team building exercises, so everyone finds something to enjoy. 

A few of our favorites include: 

Everyone loves to win, so why not take it up a notch by including prizes to award the winning teams? Customized gifts with your company logo are ideal for a corporate retreat. Popular, high-quality ideas include lunch bags, sunglasses, and cell phone chargers. 

Employee Gifts for your corporate retreat

Your employees work hard for your company day in and day out. Surprise them with a genuine show of gratitude by gifting your employees with something special at the end of the retreat. A little bit can go a long way, and your staff will be sure to return to work refreshed and re-energized come Monday morning. 

Two ideas to show employee appreciation include: 

  • Gift cards to the local coffee shop, car wash, or happy hour spot is always a good idea, plus it stimulates the local businesses in your community
  • Custom golf umbrellas with the company logo will be cherished by your staff for years to come. 

Start Planning Your New Jersey Corporate Retreat with Frogbridge Events Today

Corporate retreats are more than a fun getaway for everyone at the office. These experiences have many benefits like increased teamwork, less stress in the office, and galvanized employees ready to work toward a common goal. When you’re ready to plan a non-traditional corporate retreat that your employees won’t soon forget, the professional event planning team at Frogbridge Events is prepared to help!

Our New Jersey Event Planners have helped numerous Fortune 500 companies, like L’oreal and Johnson & Johnson, plan their corporate events. We know what it takes to pull off an extraordinary corporate retreat experience and can plan yours too. Our corporate event planning team will walk you through your event step by step until we’ve created the corporate picnic, retreat, or event to enthrall and delight your whole team! Schedule a call to learn more at Frogbridge Events by completing an online contact form or call today at (609) 208-9475.

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