The Best Fall Team Building Activities

Team building is a great addition to any company picnic or event package. But what about during other times of the year besides an annual outing? The great thing is, that there are team-building activities you could do without leaving your own office. Here are a few suggestions that can help your employees “break the ice”.

Education Days

Apples, Books, Scissors, and Chalk

While many companies are hosting “hack days”, they tend to only work for tech companies with developers. If your company isn’t the most tech savvy, you can have an education day where your employees have the entire day to participate in an educational activity that interests them. Hold a meeting with your team to figure out everyone’s interest.

Team Hikes

Boardwalk During Fall

If fall tends to be a slow time of year for your company, you can treat your team to lunch and go on an afternoon hike together. Fall is a great time to take advantage of foliage and get outside. According to, October 19 through 29 are the peak foliage dates for New Jersey.

Company Video Creation

Camera Filming Audience

With the holiday’s coming up, you can create a “video competition” that involves each department coming up with their best video idea to be shared on a blog or on social media. Give a one to two-week deadline to come up with the best idea. You can dedicate some time towards the end of the day for a “presentation” with popcorn and watch each team’s video. Then, take a vote and see which team has the best one.

Game of Possibilities

Employees Playing Game

This game can be done within five or six minutes, with one or multiple groups. One person should be called up to present an object to their team without speaking. The demonstrator will have to think of a task or project you would do with the object, while other team members shout out their guesses. Once someone guesses correctly, the demonstrator will sit down and pass the object to the right. Demonstrators cannot repeat something that’s been done previously.

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