Fight Winter Blues With Team Building Activities

While winter may make you think of snow days and being curled up on the couch, it can bring a lot of stress on people. Between post-holiday bills and tight deadlines, January and February can be a tough month for some. A study conducted by Mental Health America states that many people can suffer from seasonal depression due to the reduced level of sunlight during winter. Here are a few different team building activities you can do during the winter.

Chili Cookoff

Cook up a delicious chili bowl for your next team building event.

Spark a little friendly competition within your office and ensure everyone has lunch! Send out an e-mail to your entire team anywhere between three or four weeks before the event highlighting the details of the chili cook-off (like where it will happen, what will be judged, etc.) Also check to see if anyone has any dietary restrictions or food allergies. This can be a great way to treat coworkers to lunch!

Guess the Drawing

Draw an object with a pencil using the clues provided by a partner.

Have you ever seen the game show “Password”? If so, then you’ll understand the premise of this activity. Have each person pair up with a partner and designate someone to be the drawer and presenter. The presenter will describe the object without giving away what it is. So for example, if the object is a dog, the person describing the object needs to tell the drawer what to draw, without explicitly saying dog. The drawer will listen to the presenter, and then have a few minutes to draw the item that the presenter was describing. The presenter can repeat the clues as many times as he or she wishes, and can add clues if necessary.

Group Yoga

Doing yoga stretches can help reduce stress levels and help with New Year’s resolutions.

Want a great stress reliever that could also help some coworkers meet their New Year’s resolutions? If your company does not already offer a corporate wellness program, assess interest in a group yoga class. According to research found in Corporate Wellness Magazine, yoga can help improve flexibility, strength, balance, concentration, and breathing while reducing stress and anxiety. Find an instructor with experience in corporate settings, and start off slow. The team building aspect comes into play here because support amongst participants is important to any corporate wellness program.

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